Exploring Pre-Bombing Daily Life Through Video

You can view "about nagasaki," which summarizes the extent of the atomic bomb damage in Nagasaki, and a video titled "Speaking Photos," created based on snap photos of families before the bombing.


Everyday Life Displaced by the Atomic Bomb

At 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945, the atomic bomb exploded right above the people of Nagasaki, who were simply carrying out their daily routines. Within the burned-out area, bustling shopping streets and residential neighborhoods once stood, portraying life as ordinary as ever until the catastrophic moment of the bomb’s explosion.
The video “Photos tell a story” was crafted utilizing photographs generously provided by Hibakusha and their families. Despite the varying clothing styles and hairstyles depicted in the images, they have many things in common with us today, such as scenes of school life, cherished moments with friends, and the emotions captured on their faces.
The photographs tell us about the everyday life that the A-bomb took away from them.
Additionally, “about nagasaki” was created for those unfamiliar with the details of the damage caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki to serve as an introduction. This video allows you to learn about the characteristics of the atomic bomb damage and an overview of the damage caused by the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

Video “Photos tell a story” Long Version

The video “Photos tell a story” was created to convey the tragedy of the atomic bombing by vividly depicting the daily lives of people before the bombing through photographs. The photographs used in the video are provided by people from all over Japan through the joint project.

The video “Photos tell a story (Long Version)” shows the story of a family that actually existed in Nagasaki. The video is a slideshow of the circumstances of Yoshihiro, the owner of the photographs, who was born after the war, and his feelings toward his family, along with daily life photos of the family he “never met”.

Video “Photos tell a story” Short Version

The video “Photos tell a story (Short Version)” was created based on everyday photos of various families taken in Nagasaki before the atomic bombing.

about nagasaki